Harmony Road Music School

SF Bay Area, CA
Babies, Toddlers

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Re: Music class for 4 year old (Aug 2005)
Try Harmony Road Music School at Piedmont Piano Company in Oakland. It's at the corner of Piedmont and Pleasant Valley Avenues, free parking in the lot or along Pleasant Valley. The Harmony Road Method is about 25 years old, is taught in schools all over the US, Canada, and now China. It's an age-specific general music class with piano emphasis, includes singing and lots of making rhythms using hand percussion instruments. Child and parent (or caregiver) attend together. 6-10 kids per class, every child/parent pair has a piano. Lively, fun, age-appropriate curriculum is designed to teach general music concepts and introduction to piano. There are entry points for beginners ages 2-11. For 3.5-4.5 year olds, the class would be The Music In Me (taught in Fall '05 Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays). For 4.5-6 year olds, the class would be Harmony Road 1 (taught in Fall '05 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays). Call 510-652-1222, visit http://www.piedmontpiano.com/Webpages/ musicschool.html, or email me for brochure or questions answered. Kathy Kahn

Re: Music class for 4.5 year old (Nov 2004)
The Music School at Piedmont Piano Company in Oakland offers the Harmony Road Method. For a 4.5 year old, the class would be Harmony Road 1, which is a child & parent class that's a step beyond Music Together and the similar ''mommy & me'' music classes for younger preschoolers. It's 18 weeks, you and your child come together for 55 minutes per week. It includes both instrumental (piano, percussion) and vocal/movement/games, which stimulates both sides of the brain and creates a wonderful basis on which to build future music and other kinds of learning. Curriculum has been developed over a period of more than 20 years and is taught in Harmony Road schools all over the US and Canada. Classes are fun, age-appropriate, fast- moving. Kids play in recitals at the end of the term. New term starts February 1, but in January we'll offer free sample classes at the Open House (Jan. 23) as well as 4-week ''try me'' sessions. Email, call 510-652-1222, or check the Piedmont Piano Company website. January and spring schedules will be available in a few days. Kathy Kahn