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Glitter & Razz closed in 2012 and now operates as Go Girls!

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May 2011

Still looking for a summer camp? Have a kid who is a little on the quirky side? Consider Glitter and Razz summer theater and arts camps in Rockridge. We've had a great experience there for the past two years with our 7 year old son who is on the autism spectrum. While these aren't camps designed exclusively for kids with special needs, the instructors really GET IT. They understand that opportunities for social and emotional learning happen moment-to-moment with kids and they know how to integrate these ideas seamlessly. The process of creating and collaborating takes precedence over the end result. And that kid-focused approach means that in the midst of creating a fabulous play (yes, the plays the kids create are fabulous!) kids take part in a way that feels right, but are encouraged to stretch a little beyond what they think they can do. Check them out at Christa

April 2011

This is a wonderful creative camp (and organization). Their emphasis in following children's creative ideas to develop performances in an inclusive, social, supportive group is outstanding. As a parent of a child who is 'different' it was so amazing to find an organization that lives an inclusive philosophy. At Glitter and Razz our daughter was able to fully participate, the leadership clearly 'gets it', and we never felt like we had to be grateful or apologetic. Our daughter was part of the whole, not simply 'included'. She was joyfully engaged, her ideas became part of the whole, and she blossomed. It has been our daughter's favorite camp since she was small and remains our favorite as well. Our 'typical' younger daughter will be able to start in the Ity Bity camp this summer and we are SO excited for her to be able to have the same creative experience her older sister benefited so much from. This is a wonderful camp, for ALL children. David

March 2011

Re: Camp for sensitive boy entering kindergarten
My son, who sounds a lot like yours, went to Glitter & Razz for a couple weeks last summer and loved it. If your son has any interest in theater arts you should check it out. The kids work together to make up their own play, writing the plot, developing their own characters and lines. They also have time for individual art projects and free play. The group is small and the teachers are very creative and supportive. One day at pickup there was a disagreement between two kids and I was really impressed by how the teachers helped them resolve their conflict.

Oct 2009

Re: Acting Classes for a 4 year old
I don't know that I would call Glitter & Razz ''Acting Classes'' per se - as they don't go through the different METHODs or make kids memorize lots of lines, but the Itty Bitty Drama Camps they do (kids 4-6) are fantastic for little ones who love being on stage, using their creativity and imagination and making these dreams come to life using their words and bodies. My five year old has been attending G drama classes and play in a day camps since he turned 4. The staff there have taught him much beyond what I expected. Last summer, they not only practiced art, drama, and fun movement, they also discussed and did role plays about conflict resolution, sharing, and being nice. You can check out their programs at or call 510.654.7166. Also they are really convenient - right in Rockridge. hil

My 4 year old daughter spent two weeks at Glitter & Razz's Itty Bitty camp this past summer (for 4-7 year olds) and she absolutely loved it! With the help of the teachers, the kids dream up characters and storylines for plays that they perform for their parents at the end of each week. They put together their own costumes and do the artwork for the set. The process is collaborative, creative and fun! Every child's ideas are valued and they each participate in a way that is appropriate for their age, personality, etc. Lynn and her staff are simply fabulous and I was very impressed by the way they work with the group. They nurture imagination and confidence while also helping the kids develop self-awareness, empathy and social skils such as conflict resolution. I can't say enough about Glitter & Razz and I just signed my daughter up for the ''Play in a Day'' camp on November 11th. In addition to their website, I'd encourage you to check out their Facebook page where Lynn sent out daily updates during the camp. You are also more than welcome to contact me if you'd like to hear more. - Deb deb
Jan 2009

Re: Camp for high functioning spectrum/aspergers 6-year-old
Hi, We have had our daughter who is higher functioning ASD at Glitter and Razz camp( both the last few summers and during school breaks. It is a children's acting and art camp where they do an amazing job following the children's lead to wherever their ideas and minds take them. It is simply the most creative, most amazing environment for ALL kids you can imagine. Our daughter has been successfully included and able to fully participate in ways we have not seen in other camps. The program works because it is done right for ALL kids. The two women who run the camp 'get it' like few adults I have come across. We cannot wait till our 'typical' younger child gets to attend their programs as well. anon

Jan 2009

Re: Short-term summer camp for 4-year-old
I had the same challenge last yr with my newly turned 4 yr old daughter. There are very few options for 4 yrs but the one option that I do know of, is fabulous - Glitter and Razz's Itty Bitty Summer Camp. It has been one the best experiences thus far for my daughter. It's a week long camp and according to their website this yr it is aug 10 -28. my daughter was transformed by the experience - she still talks about and does many of the exercises from the camp - silencing herself and remaining that way for extended periods of time. the two women who run the camp, allison and lynn rock, so talented. we are def signing up again. contact me for more info wesley

Glitter & Razz in Oakland has fabulous camps. My 7 year old has attended multiple camps and my husband and I agree that they are the best. The leave tons of room for creativity, and their performances are so fun.

I have a 2.5 year old also who is unfortulately too young for the camps. However, Glitter & Razz also did my older daughter's birthday at our home and my preschooler LOVED it.

They have something called an Itty Bitty Arts Camp, and I think they are a week long.

Here is the website:

Good luck with your search. Nellie

Not sure if you're looking for half-day or full-day programs, but our 4-year old loved two in particular. Glitter & Razz, a drama, arts & crafts, and all-around fun camp does one-week programs for 4-5 year olds. Their website is Also, the Oakland Zoo has wonderful half-day programs (3-hours in either morning or afternoon) for kids in this age group. At the zoo, your child can do 1 or 2 weeks. I believe Glitter & Razz has 3-weeks of classes for this age group. H.

5 year old birthday party at Glitter and Razz

Oct 2007

Just wondering if anyone has had or gone to a birthday party yet at Glitter and Razz (they took over the old Gymboree site in Rockridge on College at the church). I'm thinking about having my daughter's birthday party there in December and wondering if anyone has tried it yet. anon

We had Glitter and Razz for my turning-5-yr-old daughter's birthday party. It was great! I loved it, kids loved it, parents loved it. Allison brought costume elements, got the kids involved in putting together a little play whose simple story they invented on the spot, and then they performed the play for the parents who were present. I highly recommend Glitter and Razz, also their summer programs. But be sure to let parents know they should come back to see the play if you are having a dropoff party! Karen