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Re: Yoga Class in El Cerrito (May 2004)

I would highly recommend Scotty McCaulley at 4th Street Yoga in Berkeley. He teaches beginning and intermediate level students in a very supportive, non-judgemental manner. Students range in age from their mid twenties to seventies. Scotty encourages his students to only be in a pose to their own ability. The style of yoga he teaches is Iyengar, which is very gentle for the beginning yoga student.

His bio on the 4th Street Yoga website reads: Scotty McCaulley has been a student of yoga for 10 years and has been teaching for the past two years. He teaches Iyengar style yoga and emphasizes the internal spaciousness that the practice of yoga can offer. Scotty's past experience as a psychotherapist brings to his teaching a focus on how yoga can enhance our overall mental, emotional and spiritual health and he does so with a sense of humor. Scotty can be reached at 510- 649-1800. Michael

Scottie McCauley (I think that is his last name) is a fun teacher. There are often many older people in his classes. I take his Sat class 11:15 through the Albany Y. I believe he teaches at the Berkeley Y and at Fourth St. There is a combination of meditation and quieting the mind, gentle stretching, which can be quite challenging, some more demanding poses and relaxation. One can always work at one's own pace and rest as needed. No problem with lying down and resting at any point during the class. Many people do so. There are people there with illness and disabilities and also lots of lithe young people. A good mix. I also like the class on Sunday with Zoe. The beginner is 11am. There are many other classes through the Y and other studios, so you might just have to try a few to see which teacher and environment feels best for you. Sherry

I know the perfect teacher for you! His name is Scotty McCaulley and he teaches yoga at 4th Street Yoga, the Berkeley Y and the Albany Y. He is a very gentle, accepting and encouraging person; not at all intimidating but very knowledgeable. I've always felt kind of overwhelmed in everyone's yoga classes but Scotty's. He has a well-deserved loyal following. And I don't think he'd mind my saying that I think he is over 40 years old. Not a yogini

Re: Yoga studio with sense of community (Nov 2003)
I love my class at 4th Street Yoga in Berkeley with Barbara Voiner. She creates a beautiful sense of community within the class and she also leads retreats and has many long time students. It may not be quite the community you're talking about, but is worth checking out. I think she is a very special teacher. There are other good ones too in that studio. The other two places I have been to that I really like is Piedmont Yoga studio in Oakland and The Yoga Center on Addison in Berkeley. Good luck Irene

Re: Ashtanga yoga class (July 2001)
I have been taking a great Ashtanga class at 4th street Yoga in Berkeley. The teacher is Jonathan Gross and he has a class on Friday night at 6:00PM (and another one on Sunday at another studio in Berkeley). Good luck with your move. Helene

Re: Yoga classes for gift (2001)
I think Fourth Street Yoga (on Fourth in Berkeley) is excellent. Jamie


From: Dawn

Richard Rosen at the 4th Street Yoga Studio 845-9642. Richard taught at the University Village years ago and was wonderful.

Re: Prenatal Yoga (1999)
Barbara Voiner's 4th street pre-natal class is on wed morning (9:30-11:00), always on time, and flowed much better [compared to another class I took]. It felt more like pre-pregnancy yoga to me. Women of all sizes were in the class, and Barbara had a great way of supporting and empowering all of us in our growing state... And move your leg like this... if it is available to you....

Re: Prenatal Yoga (1999)
I found the Fourth Street Yoga in Berkeley prenatal classes taught by Barbara Voinar excellent. She is very clear in her direction and makes individual corrections, is calm and very knowledgable about how pregnancy changes the way you are able to move and how your body feels. The only downside is that sometimes the classes are crowded because she is a popular teacher. Classes were about $12/class for 1 1/2 hours and less if you bought classes by the series. Telephone number: 510-845-YOGA. They also have a website. Good luck!