Flips-n-Flops Gymnastics

Richmond, CA
Exercise & Agility
Preschoolers, Kinder, School-Aged

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    Feb 2007

    Re: location for Head Over Heels Gymnastics?
    We don't have experience with Head over Heels in Emeryville, but Flips-n-Flops in Richmond is another option for gymnastics. It's easy to get right off 580, off Marina Bay Parkway. The phone is 510-234-3313 - website is www.flipsandflops.com. My nearly 4-year old daughter has been going to Flips-n-Flops since the fall and is beyond enthusiastic for her class every week. We like that it helps her with strength and agility and ... falling right to sleep at night! Plus the classes are small and she gets great attention as she tries to see what new things she can do. They've created a fun environment for the kids - and another thing that works for our family is they offer later class times during the weekdays, so even if both parents work you can get a class that fits your schedule. El Cerrito Mom