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    I'm looking for a dance or movement class that I can take with my 2 year old. Something that allows us to move and play together with other people doing the same. It could be kid-focused or no, so long as she is welcome! We have been to Soul Sanctuary at Ashkenaz but unfortunately it's right at nap time. I checked Luna Dance Institute but it doesn't look like they have any toddler sessions in the fall. Any other suggestions? 

    Shawl Anderson Dance Center has classes for very young children. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen toddler-parent classes there and the studio is a happy place for dancers young and older. 

    I just signed my 3yo for the "We Dance Together" summer session at the Berkeley Ballet Theater.  First class this Friday so I can't tell you how we like yet, but may be an option to consider?

    We went to Tutu School and did their Tutu Toddlers class (parent participation) and it was good but has more ballet focus.  Maybe check out Berkeley Ballet Theatre for their We Dance Together parent/toddler class? When I spoke to them they explained it was more about movement and play rather than ballet instruction. 

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Family friendly dance class?

Sept 2010

My husband and I used to go to dance classes before we had a baby- I like to dance and he's a percussionist. We had a lot of fun dancing west african but haven't been in a few years and are a little out of touch with what's going on in the bay area. We're looking for a dance class (any type) that's welcoming to small children- either they are free to dance or run around and play. We want our 15 month old to have exposure to dance and music and we also really want to dance ourselves! Any ideas? Amanda

soul sanctuary, 11-1 sundays at might be what you want? very friendly. anon
There is a wonderful family-friendly freestyle dance jam on Sunday mornings at Ashkenaz. Kids of all ages are welcome. It's not a dance 'class' but we have a lot of fun. The DJs play a wide variety of music (appropriate for all ages). We have music from 11am to 12:45pm, with a closing circle (including organic fruit) afterward. Come check it out! Find out more at Kristi
Check out Soul Sanctuary which is every Sunday at Ashkenaz: It's not structured or organized dance, but rather just a big space where anyone can come and move to the music. I take my almost 4 y.o daughter there and we have a lot of fun in a open, kid friendly environment. Often there are at least 3 or 4 other kids of various ages, as well as adults of all ages. Zac Pine who organizes it brings various props and pens & paper for kids to use if they're not into dancing & at the end we all get in a circle and he serves fresh, organic fruit. Hope to see you there..........

Class I can take with my 6-year-old

Dec 2006

I'm looking for a dance or movement class to take with my six-year-old daughter. Rather than sit and watch, I'd like to get up and moving! I love folk dance, but pretty much any kind of class in the afternoon/evening in the Berkeley area would be great.

My 6 year old daughter has watched me ballroom dance and now wants to try it. There is a Saturday afternoon class that is FREE for kids and their parent at the Allegro ballroom in Emeryville. Broad range of ages. Saw it last week and it looked like they were having lots of fun. Very lively young couple in their 20s teach it kl
Kids 'N Dance 'N Theater Arts in Laurel District, Oakland has FAMILY HIP HOP Tues. & Thurs. They have a web site anon