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  • Can somebody recommend a Child CPR Training or a Pediatric First Aid Class in or near Berkeley?  I am looking for a one day training for parents and I don't need a certificate. 



    Maybe Birthways in Berkeley (www.birthways.org)?   Or, if Oakland works for you, I took my Infant & Child CPR Class twice at Then Comes Baby (near Lake Merritt) with my husband and my parents and we all really thought it was excellent (www.then-comes-baby.com).  I even had to use the choke saving skills on a toddler (not my own) and it was amazing how fast the skills came to me. (It was a big bite of burrito and the smushy tortilla and beans bound together to form a ball.)  I was SO grateful for the class and just took it again because my memory was fuzzy on it after 1.5 years.  It was still great the second time around! 

    Then Comes Baby offers Pediatric CPR and Choke Saving classes: http://then-comes-baby.com/classes/prenatal/infant-cpr-choke-saving/ I haven't taken it but plan to sign up.

    Try Safety Training Seminars http://safetytrainingseminars.com/ They're based in SF but I know they have classes in Berkeley. UCSF uses them for Medical/healthcare professional CPR and advanced lifesaving, so they're legit. 

    My husband and I did a class for parents with Anna Griffith, and we really liked it.


    I really liked the class at Then Comes Baby. It’s only CPR and it’s not for certification, but information-wise it’s great! I’m I nurse and I thought it was one of the more informative infant/child CPR classes I’ve done. 

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CPR Refresher

Oct 2006

I've taken a couple of baby/child CPR classes, but have never taken the time to practice and feel like I need a refresher. I don't necessarily want a whole course -- just a review of the basics on CPR and choking prevention. Any recommendations?? thanks

I took an infant CPR course from Anna Griffin 15 years ago and just took a refresher course from her this year, through my children's school. I think she teaches all over. Unfortunately, I don't have a phone number for her, but you might just be able to find her in the phone book. I believe she lives in Oakland. She's a wonderful teacher Refreshed

Infant and Child CPR

Oct 2006

I'm looking for an infant/child CPR course that is just one evening. We don't need certification, just want to catch up on the newest techniques etc. about choking and CPR. Would appreciate referrals to orgs that provide this training thanks anon

I just took this class with Anna Griffin at Alta Bates this past Saturday. It was a 3 hour class on Saturday (9-12) - excellent class where she tells you the old technique and the new updated techniques (along with the reasons for the change - such as compressions on infants 1/3-1/2 the thickness of their bodies rather than the previous 1-1.5 inches!) But when doing research, these are the other places I found that had classes:

  Red Cross: 800-520-5433 Bananas 510-658-7353 SF CPR for babies 707-764-7783 Birthways 510-869-2797 Anna Griffin 510-653-8573 (or call Alta Bates for all classes 204-1334) 

I did not do more than call the other places for times and cost, so I can't say how they compare to the one I took with Anna Griffin anon

I teach a private 3-hour class in Infant and Child CPR and Choking (in both English and Spanish); I also do Infant CPR classes at Alta Bates. See the BPN Archives for references. Please write if you'd like more information Anna Griffin snarlyelf2002[at]yahoo.com

Toddler CPR & First Aid

Jan. 2003

I have an 18mo old son and am very interested in learning CPR and first aid. I have consulted the Berkeley Parents website, but found the information to be dated. I thought there would be some programs offered at the local hospitals, but have been unsuccessful in finding any. I'd of course prefer for the class to be free, but can manage to scrounge up some money to pay a small fee. If anyone has any information regarding CPR and First Aid classes in the area,please let me know. Candace

I noticed the following upcoming event sponsored by East Bay Moms, and I can wholeheartedly recommend the instructor, Anna Griffin. I took a three-part course from her on first aid and cpr training through Habitot when my daughter was an infant, and found the class so illuminating and Ms. Griffin such a fine instructor, that I arranged with her to have her teach a private course to myself, my family and a few friends and neighbors about six months after the class. She is a superbly clear and engaging teacher, incredibly well-informed, and the course listed below (I've copied and pasted from the East Bay Mom's website) seems very reasonably priced: Tuesday, February 11 6:30-9:30pm Childhood First Aid Class FUTURE ACTIVITY - Register NOW! Childhood First Aid Class Anna Griffin, American Heart Association and American Red Cross certified instructor, returns to teach our Childhood First Aid class. This three hour workshop covers prevention and rescue procedures for cuts and bleeding, burns, poisoning, head injuries, seizures, bites, stings and shock. Also included is a choke saving review. Class fee is $30/EBM members and $35/non- members. Spouses, friends and caregivers are welcome; no children, please. The workshop will be held at Piedmont Gardens, 110 41st St. off of Piedmont Ave. in Oakland. To register, send a check to East Bay Moms, 6000 Contra Costa Rd., Oakland, CA 94618. dms

For CPR and First Aid Courses, call Anna Griffin at (510) 653-8573 and for more information on her check out: http://www.altabates.com/services/classes/prenatalchildbirthclass es.html She does courses at Alta Bates, but you can put together your own group, and she will come to your location. My moms group did the Infant CPR course with her, and we are just about to schedule the First Aid course, too. Anja

I still teach CPR & first aid classes to all kinds of folks & businesses in the Berkeley area, even though the parent recommendation of me is from 1999. I've lived in Berkeley 19 years, raised my kid (a bicycle mechanic) here, do nurse house calls here, and I'm not going anywhere! I have great local references & used to be nurse for UC Berkeley kids summer camp in Santa Cruz. Call me any time about health & safety classes for parents & nannies in your home. Christine V. in Berkeley Tel: 841-1291

Hi there, First of all it will be difficult most likely to find free training. But this is what I have for you; ABC emergency management seminars has a website; www.juniorrescuer.com see what they have, Also Adams safety training has an excellent program. Their website is www.adamssafety.com The American Red Cross and the others listed below have classes. American Red Cross: 1-800-520-5433, CPR for life is in Concord at 925- 685-6858, Fast Response is in Berkeley at 510-849-4009, For Safety Sake is in Oakland ( I only have their address & fax #) 100 Hegenberger Rd. ste 210, their fax is 510-523-4152 and I think that's all I have. Good luck Michelle

Infant/CPR class in Spanish needed

October 2001

Somebody I know needs to take CPR and First aid classes in Spanish a.s.a.p. Does anyone know where to go or who to call? The classes have to be taught in Spanish and need to be geared to infant and toddler care. Thanks Narniaph

Bananas on Claremont teaches an infant/child CPR class in Spanish. Also try the Red Cross on Broadway in Oakland, they may have a class. Nancy

Hi, I would like to give advice to the person looking for CPR for infants and toddlers in Spanish, bananas in Oakland offer those classes, there phone # 510-658-1409, besides that class they offer a wide diferent classes ,I'm a child care provider and I took all the classes required by law in order for me to get my day care license, they are excelletent, if you need to contact them just say Spanish and they will get somebody that speaks spanish for you since most peolplethere speak spanish as well too, and if you live in Berkeley,Alameda, Oakland and Albany you can get there latest news every 3 months for free with all the upcoming events in Spanish, chinese and english, and I think you paid a litlle fee for every class too, since this is a non-profit organization, and if you really more information at the place ask for Blanca she is one of the main supervisors there a! nd! she speaks spanish too, good luck. Tatisot

Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997
From: Harald

Regarding the inquiry about first aid, she could try BANANAS in Oakland. They regularly run courses on child and infant first aid and basic (not certifiable) CPR. It is comprised of two evening sessions and is relatively inexpensive. I found the first aid pretty basic -- a good refresher. The CPR training was done in one evening and I learnt a lot, but I think one would need longer training to feel confident to use those skills in an emergency. On the whole, I feel better having done some kind of training. You can call BANANAS at 658-0381. By the way, they are a wonderful resource for parents and their warm line (658-6046) for advice on just about anything child related is great!

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 97
From: Grace

Regarding the First Aid and CPR course: My husband and I took a class through the American Red Cross (Infant and Child CPR). The class was held on a Saturday (half day) and it was located at their Alameda County Main Office in Oakland. The cost was $35.00 for both of us (about 2 yrs. ago)

Anna Griffin provides private classes. She has a lot of experience and also taught at both Alta Bates and Summit Medical Centers. Her number is (510) 653-8573. Cost is determined by the size of the group.