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    I'm looking for a babysitting course for my teen that is offered in the Bay Area in person. I have checked parks & rec sites in the East Bay & the red cross & have only found online classes. If you hear of one, please let me know!

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Babysitting classes for a 13 year old

July 2012

Hello fellow BPN-ers! My thoughtful and responsible 13 year old is looking for a babysitting class incorporating first aid and CPR. The Alta Bates program, alas, is no more, and the Red Cross programs are either filled up for months in advance or way out of the area. Any Suggestions? Thank you! supportive parent

My oldest daughter took a babysitting class at the El Cerrito Recreation Center. We don't live in El Cerrito, but it's where the swimming pools are -- off San Pablo. In North Oakland, you can try Bananas on Claremont Avenue. pmog

My daughter took a great babysitting class and a CPR/first Aid class through Bananas on Claremont. It was reasonable and well-taught. mom of baby lover

Have you tried BANANA's in Oakland?, (510) 658-0381 Love BANANAs

Babysitter Training for 12 year old

Oct 2011

I'm looking for a babysitter training class for my 12 year old son. I was told the Albany YMCA offers the class but it looks like it's in the summer only. I checked other places but couldn't find anything. Do you know of any current babysitter training classes? Alternatively, I would consider hiring someone privately to do it for a group of kids I know who are interested. So if you have a recommendation for someone to do a private babysitter training class, that would be great. And, if I can find someone to do it and you would like your child to participate (must be 12 years old and up), let me know. Thank you, BPN community!

The Red Cross offers a babysitter training class (I took it way back when *I* was 13) - google ''red cross babysitting course'' for details. I don't see it offered at the local RC (, but maybe if you contact them they'd arrange one for a group - mine was done through the Girl Scouts. JP

I just saw this listed in the Berkeley parks & rec catalog today. Oakland mama

Bananas does teen babysitting classes. Check it out at mom of teen babysitter

The Red Cross offers babysitter training for teens (I believe it's 11-18 yo). You can sign up on their website. It's $85. The training is from 9 am - 4 pm. They have the classes in Concord and Oakland. I signed my 12 yo up, but unfortunately the class was canceled due to low enrollment. I am going to sign her up for a different session and hope this one isn't canceled. Need babysitter training also

Babysitter classes for young teen

May 2009

Where can a young teen take babysitting classes? ak

Lafayette Recreation Department regularly offers this class. B09B-4BB4-8B24-8AB4CB4FA0B3%7D linda

My son took a babysitting class and a babysitting first aid class at Bananas last summer. It was inexpensive and well done. Carrie

The Orinda Community Center has babysitting classes for teens. My daughter (12-years- old) took it and found it useful. Brenda

The Red Cross offers a baby-sitting class monthly, a different Red Cross location each month. My 13-year old daughter took it at the Oakland Red Cross office on Broadway, across from Kaiser: 510-595- 4400. The Oakland office is part of the Red Cross of the Bay Area ( lora

CPR and First Aid classes for Teen Sitters

Sept 2007

Does anyone know of a weekend class for pre-teens or teens interested in becoming CPR certified in order to babysit? My 12 yr old feels like this would help her better market her babysitting enterprise and give her extra confidence to look after some one other than her sibling. Thanks for your help! Supportive Mom

BANANAS in Oakland offers such classes. My son took one several years ago and it gave him more confidence when babysitting kids. Their website is:

Hi Supportive Mom, Any local Red Cross offers classes in CPR and First Aid. We live in Alameda, and the one at Alameda Point specifically offers (or used to!) classes for young babysitters. LB

City of Walnut Creek offers a class My daughter is probably going to take it this fall.


Teenage Babysitter Classes for Infants?

April 2005

Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any classes that teach teenagers how to care for infants? I checked Eden Medical Center's ''Super Babysitter'' clinics but it looks like they're more designed for caring for toddlers. Thanks! Nancy

Pleasant Hill Recreation Center offers teen classes in infant care, including CPR. Go here: and click on the 'teen scene'' link on the left side. Lori

Seeking a comprehensive babysitting class for teens

April 2002

hi, i posted this a few days ago in the ''teens'' section. i am looking for a comprehensive babysitting class for teenagers. i know that the red cross and some hospitals offer them, but i can't find anything currently being offered. plus, i'm looking for something beyond ''infant cpr & first aid,'' maybe something that has a child development component, behavior management hints, activity suggestions, etc. does anyone know of anything like this? thanks! lisa

I happened to see an ad yesterday in our San Leandro Rec Dept. Booklet. Don't know where you are located, so I don't know if this would help you. But I presume that other Library systems may have something similar, so perhaps you could call and find out. (NB: I'd say that what you are looking for is probably beyond the scope of most ''sitting'' classes, though--sounds more like parenting classes. You might consider sending the teen to a parenting series, if the teacher will allow it.)

  2nd Annual Babysitting Workshop Friday June 28, 2-5pm Boys and Girls ages 11-14 Teachers: Mrs. Lee from the Eden Medical Center will teach diapering, burping, feeding, basic first aid Miss Penny from the Library will teach reading stories, making crafts, and  playing games. Register at the SL Main Library Info Desk. Cost: $5 Questions? Call Debbie at 577-3965 or e-mail dreagan AT 

Good Luck! Dawn Davidson

Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley offers the following: Super Babysitters Clinic Babysitting may look easy, but once you're alone with a two-year-old having a tantrum or a four-year-old with a scraped knee, you may wonder how you'll survive those few hours. Geared for boys and girls ages 11 to 14, learn how to handle these and other situations that you may encounter while babysitting.

Sat- Jun 1, 02 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Sat- Oct 5, 02 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Helena

I know Bananas (on Claremont Ave in Oakland) occasionally offers a short (1-2 day) babysitting class for teens. Give them a call to see when the next one is. A Berkeley mom