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Berkeley Russian School — is a non-profit Russian immersion school offering challenging academic classes for students ages 3 to 16. Our classes are small and our experienced teachers deliver material tailored to meet the individual needs of each student. The school offers multiple levels of Russian Language/Literature and Math — along with a wide array of extracurricular classes:  Chess, Geography, Art, and Physics. Students excel academically while mastering the Russian language.

On Sundays we offer a unique program for children aged 3 and older. Classes are fun and developmentally appropriate and form the foundation of language learning.

Over the years we have developed into an active and mutually inspiring community of teachers, parents and students. Come join us!

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  • Berkeley Russian School?

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    I don't see any recent reviews of it.  Would love to hear from someone whose kids are going there now, either to afterschool or day school.  I have a 4 year old daughter who is pretty much fluent.  I don't want to commit to weekly lessons, although I'd consider that.  But, I'd love to take her to a Russian style social event or celebration, or have access to a network of families with kids who speak Russian.

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October 2007

If you are a parent who is looking for an enriching Russian language learning environment for your child, I enthusiastically recommend the Berkeley Russian School. Here is why: First of all the Director, Yelena Glikman, and the teachers make the learning experience fun. (Children from ages 3 to 14 are accepted.) My two children (ages 3 and 4) love the school and teachers. They bring home incredible artwork, poems, and fun activities. They attend once a week, three classes, and they talk about the school every day! Ours is a home where Russian is heard daily from my husband, and the teachers at Berkeley Russian School are patient and supportive of dual language households. You can see their website at / J. G.

Nov 2003

My children used to be fluent in Russian (my language) but lost most of it b/c we can only speak English at home (their dad doesn't speak Russian).

I would like to enroll them in some kind of language classes that would restore their language. However, I am not looking for a full-blown program taking the entire Sunday, but rather just a normal language class - just like they teach kids Spanish, French etc.

My children are 7 & 4, we are in Oakland hills, but could come to Berkeley or other nearby areas if we find a good program.

Could anyone direct me? Maria

You may already know about this one, but in any case there is program called Berkeley Russian School. They have afterschool (on Mondays and Wednesdays I think) and a three hour program on Saturdays. The director and teachers are wonderful. The Saturday programs (used to be on Sundays in previous years) has a language class, a music class, an art class and a math class- although it might be different at different ages. My son has attended since he was 3 (is 6 now) and loves it. The director is Yelena Glikman 510 526-8892. There website wasn't working this morning as I write this, but the link is I don't speak Russian, but my husband does and my son is fluent. Feel free to contact me if you wish. Helen

July 2000

For three years, my daughter has been going to the Berkeley Russian school. There, every Sunday she has lessons-an hour of each:music, math,and Russian language and curriculum. Additionally, every year a play is staged, in which all the children sing, dance, and act. Last year, the school opened a summer camp in which everyone had fun and learned music, art, art history, got to be in the play and make their own leather bound book.This year the school is opening the camp again. It is going to be from July 31 to August 18, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For further information, call Yelena Glikman at (510) 526-8892

March 2000

I would like to draw attention to a wonderful school here in Berkeley: Berkeley Russian School. info:
510 526-8892 Yelena Glikman
925 689-5417 Irina Dugina
Sunday Berkeley School 1798 Scenic Ave.,

Berkeley Pre-School & Kindergarten Program:

  • 1. Russian Language ABC 2. Art -painting, drawing, crafts 3. Music & dancing 4. Musical Theater

Middle school and Junior High program:

  • Russian grammar, reading, writing, literature
  • Math- algebra, geometry
  • history of russian and world music
  • Musical theater

Russian language for english speaking adults Thursday

  • Berkeley art program: Art history acrylic and oil painting clay ceramic projects charcoal drawing unique bookmaking project
  • Music program: private instruction
  • Classical piano -age 5 to adult
  • Strings violin viola cello double bass harp guitar voice Tuition 45 min private lesson $30

Saturday Walnut Creek School 1850 Tice Valley Blvd. Walnut Creek

  • Russian grammar, reading, writing, literature
  • Math- algebra, geometry
  • history of russian and world music
  • acrylic and watercolor painting, pastel, etc.
  • drama Folk, Ballroom, Modern dance.


July 1999

The Russian School of Berkeley is sponsoring a summer camp for children ages 5-15, August 9-27 (I believe it is all day Monday through Friday). Activities include Arts and Crafts (paper making, leather book binding, charcoal drawing, watercolor, clay projects, linocuts, a unique book project); Musical Theater (production of Ivan Czarevich by Yuliy Kim at the end of 3 weeks; Russian Language Studies (aspects of Russian history, Russian cultural specifics, basic Russian expressions); and Sport Activities (volleyball, badminton, swimming). Call 510-526-8892 for information. Address: 1798 Scenic Ave, Berkeley. The director of the Russian School is Yelena Glikman.

Children can enroll for one to three weeks. Fees for 1 week $180; 2 weeks $340; 3 weeks $450. Financial Aid is available. I met the director who said that the camp has recently been put together and, depending on who enrolls, could be offered in Russian or English. The camp sounds interesting, but my children are already committed to other activities, so I thought I would pass along information to others.