The Berkeley Language School

Berkeley, CA
All Ages
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Jan 2013

I highly reccomend The Berkeley Language School! My two boys have been taking lessons for a year and a half, and they both really enjoy their French tutoring every week-- which says a lot, because these lessons are on top of an already busy school and activity schedule.

We moved back to the USA after 9 years in France, and we were afraid that our boys might lose their level of French now that they go to American schools. So we decided to have them work with a teacher at the Berkeley Language School to keep up with their French.

The instructor is extremeley organized, always prepared, professional yet friendly, and very resourceful. She has helped the boys keep up with the French Education Nationale Curriculum via the CNED home school program. Her grammar and vocabulary are excellent, and her lessons are very productive.

We were very lucky to find the Berkeley Language School -- the teacher has helped my kids to maintain the language, and even improve, for the 6eme and 4eme curriculum. The instructor is patient, good-natured, and very professional. My boys are now 12 and 14, and never complain about going to their French lessons-- which is EXTRA work on top of their school assignments, music, sports, theater, etc...-- I imagine she would be a wonderful teacher to little kids, as well. Ana