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August 2011

My child went to Bay Island Gymnastics summer camp. I was very clear with the coaches about my child's needs for encouragement and his abilities. Still, they let him cry for 2 hours, lunch untouched, not engaging in activities with other kids and NEVER let me know what was going on with him until close to the end of the week! I ended up taking him out of camp early. During drop off, when he was having a hard time seperating from me, FOUR coaches stood by and did nothing to help me. We'd been to this place before, even had my child's birthday there and loved it, but maybe the intructors have changed since. When I called to discuss my experience with the manage/owner, I never got a call back. So sorry I put my poor kid through this.

August 2008

Re: Gymnastics Class for 5 year old boy

Our son took a week long gymnastics camp at I was a bit apprehensive but he LOVED every minute of it. I've since taken him for a weekend class and he chose not to participate until Ashley coaxed him to the mat. She proceeded to give him a private lesson that day. All the other staff have been fantastic with my son, too. Don't let the location avert you, they're near the 24hr fitness/Home Depot at 880/High St. Tumble Heaven Close to Home

Nov 2007

Re: Gymnastics class for a toddler/preschooler?
Great classes at Bay Island gymnastics - the teacher's name is Darcy & he is really fabulous. I can't say enough good things - he varies the routine, does stuff that gets the kids moving & having fun & using their imagination. He is a dad himself & I think that makes a big difference. It is a fabulous facility. They are right across from Home Depot in Oakland. love our gymnastics class!

Sept 2007

Re: Gymnastics class for toddlers
Bay Island Gymnastics - in Oakland near Home Depot off of High street. great facility & great teachers. my 2.5 yr old loves it. good luck

Nov 2005

My five year old daughter wants to take gymnastics. Has anyone had any experience with Bay Island Gymnastics in Oakland? Also, can anyone comment on Head over Heels Gymnastics in Emeryville? What's on the website about Head Over Heels is somewhat dated. Any other gymnastics recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you. CD

Hi there, I've only heard good things about Bay Island Gymnastics from other parents. Mostly, they can't believe that their kids are listening to the coaches and doing the skills. We had our daughter's 4 year birthday there recently and the place is huge. Has all the apparatus possible...the teachers range from fun loving to really serious gymnastics coaches. I'm definitely enrolling my daughter there in the new year.

(Editor Note: reviews were also received for Head over Heals Gymnastics )