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Teen wants to learn Arabic

May 2007

My teen is interested in learning Arabic. Any advice from others who have taken on this language would be greatly appreciated - books, CD's/cassettes, Rosetta Stone, tutors, etc. I understand that there are several dialects and that the Egyptian one is the easiest for English speakers to learn. We've played around with the Rosetta Stone demo, but a printed phonetic pronunciation in addition to the Arabic writing which accompanies the photos would be very helpful. Let us know what has been successful for you. Thanks

My 16-year-old has been taking classes at Pacific Arabic Resources in SF financial district for a year now. THe intro course is basic expressions and the writing system. From there you can go into any of the dialects. My son loves the teachers. Friendly, fun, professional, effective. Very close to BART. Classes in the evening or after school. Linda

Seeking summer Arabic course for 15-year-old

June 2006

My 15-year-old duaghter is interested in studying Arabic this summer. She really enjoys languages, is fleunt in French and Spanish, and wants to have the chance to see how learning a non-European language would be, as she is interested in careers in international relations. I'm looking for sugestions for evening or weekend Arabic classes for beginners (she has a daytime summer job). Community colleges don't seem to offer them, and local college daytime programs won't work this summer. Theresa

The Berkeley adult school is offering Arabic classes in their summer catalog. anderson

I have to thoughts for you.

First, check out Craigslist. There is a class starting June 12th at that Pacific Arabic Resources.

Second, junior college summe classes have already started. Some jc's have arabic, but I think you have to sync with their earlier sechedule. For example Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill. Good luck to you and your daughter. Nathan