Tutors for Arabic

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Dec 2010

I am looking for a native Arabic speaking teacher to tutor my 5 year old to read and write Arabic at our home. Ayesha

hi, not sure if you are interested, but I know that the Arab Cultural and Community Center in SF offers Arabic classes to children on the weekends. their number is (415) 664-2200 good luck! vera

May 2009

I am looking for a private tutor to teach Arabic to my eight year old daughter. She reads, writes and speaks Farsi, and therefore is already familiar with the letters and their sounds. I am looking for a native speaker preferably with some experience teaching Arabic to children. Andrea

Yassir Chadly is a remarkable and charming person who is many things including a teacher and a musician. I first met him as a senior swim instructor! I'm sure he would be an excellent tutor. http://www.yassirchadly.com/ ... Jeanne