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  • Hi! My 9 year old would like to learn conversational Egyptian colloquial Arabic and to learn how to write in Arabic. Would love to find someone who would be willing to teach her outside socially distanced in a park in Berkeley for a half hour or an hour a week. I’d make sure she practiced in between lessons. Does anyone know any students or moms or someone who this might be fun for? Nothing super formal needed - just light conversation, alphabet, learning to write words eventually, etc. Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

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Dec 2010

I am looking for a native Arabic speaking teacher to tutor my 5 year old to read and write Arabic at our home. Ayesha

hi, not sure if you are interested, but I know that the Arab Cultural and Community Center in SF offers Arabic classes to children on the weekends. their number is (415) 664-2200 good luck! vera

May 2009

I am looking for a private tutor to teach Arabic to my eight year old daughter. She reads, writes and speaks Farsi, and therefore is already familiar with the letters and their sounds. I am looking for a native speaker preferably with some experience teaching Arabic to children. Andrea

Yassir Chadly is a remarkable and charming person who is many things including a teacher and a musician. I first met him as a senior swim instructor! I'm sure he would be an excellent tutor. http://www.yassirchadly.com/ ... Jeanne