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Re: hip hop/jazz/modern dance classes for 13 yr. old

Last year there were a variety of classes in dance (including hip hop) at the Alice Arts Center in Oakland on Alice Street. Flora

CitiCentre Dance in the Alice Arts Center (downtown Oakland) has great classes for childen, youth and adults, including hip hop, jazz, etc. The teachers are excellent, the studios are nice and it is very multicultural. Dianne
To the person looking for hip hop dance classes for a 13-y-o, check out CitiCentre Dance Theatre in the Alice Arts Center (1428 Alice Street in downtown Oakland near 14th). Call them for a class schedule (510.451.1230) and stop by to check out the classes. My son and daughter (9 & 7) take classes there (Capoeira, West African, Circus Skills) and love it. Also try Dimensions Dance Studio (on the third floor of the Alice; 510.465.3363). There are lots of teens in both programs. Lorenza

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