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Experienced and Patient Tutor/Teacher - Onine - Academic Subjects: Biology and Writing - and Music: Ukulele, Piano, Harp, and Violin

I enjoy working with students of various ages from elementary school to college. I worked as a staff scientist at UCSF and received my BA in English literature from Yale University and PhD in biology from UC Berkeley. I've been told I have an excellent and clear way of explaining things. 

I also enjoy music and teach the ukulele, harp, violin, and piano. I studied music with Southern California and Bay Area teachers. I also have ukulele classes-- it's a fantastic instrument for beginners. I love seeing students develop in their musical abilities and have fun expressing themselves with music. 

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Susan Mashiyama tutored my son in biology his freshman high school year at Albany High. He has attentional challenges & she was extremely patient in helping him stay focused & explain material in language he understood. She did a great job helping him navigate the class & I'd highly recommend her.  Besides being an excellent tutor, she's also a very kind, considerate person! 

I have taken many ukulele classes with Susan Mashiyama, and she is an excellent teacher.  She is patient, kind, has enthusiasm, and teaches to the level of the student.

I have observed her teaching students from 5 years of age to 94 years of age, and she does a great job with all ages.  She has excellent skills and paces the classes with just enough challenge.  She uses a variety of music, including folk songs, Hawaiian songs, and she teaches a variety of techniques, including different strumming techniques and picking the melodies.  I have really enjoyed her classes for several years, and the young students I have observed look happy and have learned well.

my teenage son has had a really excellent experience learning from Susan. He’s a beginner at the ukulele but has felt welcomed by the class and has enjoyed learning and playing songs, even on Zoom! He says “ The songs she chooses are challenging enough so you learn something,  but simple enough so you never feel stranded”.

A big fan,