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Stanford Summer Institutes was formerly known as EPGY Summer Institutes. See also (formerly EPGY) 

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Experience with Stanford Summer Institute (EPGY)?

Feb 2015

Just wondering if any of you have children (especially middle schoolers) who have participated in the Stanford Summer Institute Program (formerly EPGY) or other similar programs? My 13 yr old (7th grade) student is applying for this summer's program. He's never done a sleep away camp before so I'm curious to hear reports back from other families. He's particularly interested in math and science (in case you have other recommendations for rigorous but fun academic programs in the Bay Area). Thank you, in advance! Curious Momma

My daughter, now a Berkeley High ninth-grader, has done the EPGY summer program in math for three years now (and just submitted her application for this coming summer). The academic component of the program has been interesting for her, and there are lots of other activities, with options to choose from, during non-class hours. The program draws kids from all over the U.S. and the world; her roommate last summer was from Greece. The counselors/TAs have been smart, supportive and friendly. It seems like it's a pretty structured program, but the kids do get some taste of independence. My daughter has really enjoyed it and looks forward to going back every summer. Robin