Rockstar Dance Party

No longer in business
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Ashley Saks
Babies, Toddlers, Adults
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  • March 2023: Looks like this business is closed - the last activity on their FB page was in 2018.

ROCKSTAR DANCE PARTY: is a baby-centered music and movement club for babies whose parents have good taste in music... Prince, David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Beatles... The class incorporates dance/movement, percussion/singing, and PLAY! Each song aligns with different developmental stages of our babies. Variations and modifications are incorporated that are based on the ages and interests of the little ones. Check out Session 1's playlist:!

RSDP is a drop in class ($15) for babies 0-3 years at BirthWays: 600 Shattuck Ave #122. Ashley Saks, Rockstar Dance Party's teacher, has a special education teaching credential from SFSU, an MFA from California College of Art, and is trained in music education. 

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Ashley brings warmth and enthusiasm to this baby-centric class. Great music, child friendly props and welcoming environment make this a wonderful afternoon adventure and an ideal social opportunity for little ones. I have gone with my 10 m.old grandson; he enjoys the music, the instruments and scrambling around with the other babies.

My 4 month old and I love going to Rockstar Dance Party! She loves the music, moving around, and shaking instruments. I love to watch her smiling and watching the other children. Ashley always plays fun songs, a mix of just great music and kid songs. At the end she plays a calming wind down song. It's been a great experience every time!