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PersonAligned Learning provides innovative 1-1 classes and tutoring for teens. Instead of receiving an education, students carve their own path with an experienced guide. Optional pathways include Project Euler, iOS App Development, HTML/JavaScript/CSS Websites, Python, Prime Numbers, Infinite Sets, Math Proofs and more. All classes are 100% customizable.

I have been teaching students 1-1 at Berkeley Independent Study for the last 13 years. I have taught all standard math classes from 6th Grade Math through AP Calculus BC. I am also the director/founder of IS Programming Power, a coding club supporting female and minority students with funding from the Berkeley High School Development Group.

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Corey Wade first taught my son, Andrew, when he was a struggling, stressed-out freshman at Berkeley High School, successfully getting him through his first year of algebra.  After Andrew joined the Berkeley Independent Study Program, Corey continued as his math teacher, guiding him with great success through geometry and algebra II.  I was a parent volunteer and came to know most of the teachers in this program; I found Corey to be a highly effective math teacher who is completely dedicated to the success of his students, understanding the needs of each individual student.  His many years teaching and relating to the diversity of students in Independent Studies gives Corey a unique ability to assist and guide struggling students through the beautiful world of mathematics. I thank Corey for being Andrew's teacher and am pleased to give him the highest recommendation.

I have taught along side the superlative educator Corey Wade for many years in the Berkeley Independent Study program of Berkeley Unified.  I am inspired by the consistent and deep attention Corey gives each student he works with.   He quickly identifies what each student needs, and handily designs an educational plan that supports high academic growth.  He also always engages students in creative math projects that expose students to the relevance and beauty of Math.  Corey is an excellent communicator (also a poet) and parents, students, teachers and other school personnel can count on him for clear, thoughtful communication.  

Corey taught my 16 year old AP Calculus BC through Berkeley Independent Study last year; what a wonderful experience for her! His insight, focus on the individual needs of the students, adaptability, kindness, patience and humor make him a delight of a teacher. How marvelous to truly have instruction tailored to your child! I highly recommend him as a teacher. -Christine S.