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March 2005

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Jack Hyde Soccer Camp. I'm considering sending my 5 year old son to at least one and possibly all three sessions this summer. I know they generally accept children from 6 and up, but I spoke with Jack at the summer camp fair, and he said he'd be willing if I thought that my son would be able to keep up with the 6 year olds. I'm not concerned with him keeping up physically (he's very physical and coordinated). I'm just wondering, in general, what people have thought of the staff, and the program etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Nancy

Jack Hyde Soccer camp is great - my nine-year-old daughter attended last year and loved it. The counselors are good, and it's well-organized. HOWEVER ... it's a long, hot, windy day spent entirely outside. I am sending my six-year-old son this summer, but am hesitant, since we need before and after care during the workday. I suspect the youngest kids get really exhausted, not necessarily from the soccer, but from the exposure. I think the amount of time your son would be there (half day or all day?) is an important consideration. Been there