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Ever wonder why they call it “playing” music? I believe the best way for music to enrich a child’s life is to make lessons as joyous, creative and spontaneous as playing make believe. While I do teach foundational technique, my emphasis is on helping a child feel excited about their instrument by following their unique interests. Learning their favorite song, jamming together, improvising solos, and playing musical games keep my lessons dynamic and engaging. I travel to students' homes throughout the Bay Area to help kids develop skills while having fun. I have over 10 years of experience teaching saxophone, fluteclarinetguitar and ukulele. Please drop me a line or visit my website, highnotelessons.com, for more information. 

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Alexi is an incredible teacher for kids. He makes playing music really fun. My one son started with lessons when he chose saxophone in elementary. Alexi really helped him feel confident with his instrument and love to play. Soon my older son saw how much fun Alexi was and he started having lessons too.  After a couple of years, the lessons turned into jam sessions with both boys. They wrote music, improvised, used different pedals for sound effects, recorded music, and generally gave them the foundation so that now they play with their friends, have garage bands, etc. We are very lucky in berkeley to have a great music program in public school. And Alexi really complimented that program. 

Alexi is simply the best music teacher you can imagine. He radiates positivity and makes playing so much fun. My daughter has been taking saxophone lessons from him for three years and I credit Alexi with instilling in her a deep love of the instrument. He also gets her improvising and stretching to try new things. I can't recommend him enough.