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    Have any of you sent your daughter to a Girls Make Games camp?  We are interested in sending our daughter to Girls Make Games in San Francisco this summer, but we can't find any parent reviews anywhere.  If you have any experience with this camp, please let us know!  We would especially be curious to know how well the camp works for younger girls, but really anything you can tell us about how well-run, fun, or rewarding the camp is would be amazing.  Thank you!

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    Our daughter, who was 13 when she attended Girls Make Games Camp, says that it was her favorite camp of all time! She attended the Berkeley location when it was offered, so I can’t speak for the SF location, but the program is similar. She loved creating an online game from scratch with her team, especially the character design and Unity programming. They also did offline activities that got the girls comfortable with each other- it made for some funny moments and inside jokes among them when they showed the video to parents on the last day. 

    There were girls of all ages, and the counselors were super fun and enthusiastic while being encouraging and helpful. They encouraged her the whole time, and even gave her advice on continuing game design and programming even after the camp ended. Such a wonderful and empowering program for girls — hope your daughter has fun!

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    Our daughter went to the Berkeley one a few years ago. She liked it OK at best. She thought it was a little unorganized and difficult to get things done. I was a little dismayed that they  didn't go outside or get any exercise at all -- they spent 6 hours straight in the classroom. I realize it's a computer camp, but still. When I found that out a couple of days in I mentioned it and I think they might have tried to eat lunch outside at least.

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