Diana Mei's Parent-Child Classes at Acorn Farm

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Parent-Child Classes for Parents and their young children ages birth - 4.  Our classroom is filled with open ended toys made of natural materials that offer many opportunities for imaginative play and safe climbing and movement.  Here, parents and their children can explore and experience a calm rhythm that supports play, healthy self-initiated movement, imagination and imitation.  Themes related to child development and parenting will be explored through weekly readings and discussions including:  Healthy Movement, Rhythms, Sleep, Play, Warmth, Food & Meals, Discipline, Media & Technology.  All classes taught by Diana Mei.  

To Enroll go to: https://dianameiparent-childclasses.bpt.me/  Contact: //dianamarshallmei [at] gmail.com" rel="nofollow">dianamarshallmei [at] gmail.com    510-672-1539

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I live in Berkeley and have been driving to San Francisco to attend Diana Mei's parent-child class with my 14-month-old son. We are lucky that her classes are now being offered closer to us.

Diana is a wealth of practical (Waldorf-based) information, which she brings in a warm and open way. The children move freely while the adults observe and connect with each other. I love the weekly readings and the chance to ask questions and learn together – and to deeply understand our children and how we can best support them in their early development.

Diana models how to create a flow of in- and out-breathing during the day, for example by using simple transition songs when changing activities (this is so helpful at home).

The classes that take place around lunchtime include a nourishing meal for the children and caregivers. It's special to have everyone sitting around the table together, especially as we start to get to know each other and it becomes a family-like atmosphere.

Of the parent-child classes I have attended, I've found Diana's to be the best balance between focus on the children and focus on the adults, and between ideas/information and actual practice/tools we can apply or adapt on our own.