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Concordia Language Villages
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  • We are looking into the Spanish camp at Concordia Language Villages for our seven year old.  I'm curious if anyone in this network has kids who have attended these camps and what they thought of it.  They sound great, but the travel to get there seems like a hassle.  Is it worth it?  Is there something similar in California - a sleep-away language immersion camp for Spanish?

    Thank you!

    I have strong memories of being very homesick and unhappy when I went away to camp at age 8.Children are different but you might think about waiting a few years.

    I'm way out of date, but I was a camper and then counselor at another Concordia Language Village and my sister was a camper in Spanish. We both loved it. And I have a lot of respect for the substance of the curriculum and pedagogical support they provide to the staff, even for teaching younger kids (camp-wide question of the day, total physical response, etc.). Kids that young are sponges and would mumble in the language in their sleep by the end of a two week session. My 7 year old isn't ready for sleep away camp, but I'll definitely consider it when/if she is. And I'd love to hear about more local options.

    Both of my kids went to the Spanish camp with Concordia Language Villages (Bemidji, MN) for multiple years (I think my daughter did four years plus abroad, my son did five years and a counselor summer). My daughter also did their summer abroad program. They LOVED it and I thought it was tremendously worth the time/effort to get them there. It is incredibly well organized and my kids improved their language exponentially.  I would recommend it very highly.  The first year I flew with my daughter to get her set up. Subsequent years they flew alone; the counselors are well versed on how to meet up with campers and it went flawlessly.  The food is good, there is a great mix of academics and fun things to do. Minnesota is absolutely beautiful (in the summer,at least)   

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Dec 2014

RE: Summer Spanish for 8th Grader going into 9th

If you're open to sleepaway camp, the Concordia Language Villages in Minnesota were doing immersion language camps decades before it got popular. Kids can do 2 weeks or 4 weeks of high-intensity in which they cover 1 year of high school material. They're fantastic and kids come from all over the country. former camper and counselor 

Feb 2009

RE: Spending a month in Paris to learn French

Have you heard of Concordia Language Villages? It's very highly regarded language immersion summer camp program in Minnesota. They have several French ''Villages'', and my son attended for 2 weeks last summer (at age 9) and LOVED it. There is also ''family week'', if you're not comfortable sending her alone. We booked my son on a direct flight from SFO last year, and there were 2 other kids on his flight flying solo to the camp. If you want to know more, feel free to e-mail me: c_shepler [at] We're still working on our summer schedule and aren't sure if he'll be going back this year, though he'd very much like to.