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Urban Adamah is an educational farm and community center in Berkeley that integrates the practices of Jewish tradition, sustainable agriculture, mindfulness, and social action to build loving, just and sustainable communities. “Adamah” means “Earth” in Hebrew and at Camp Urban Adamah, we offer campers a taste of organic farm life through fun and dynamic hands-on programs. Our camp sessions are inspired by children’s natural curiosity and innate connectedness to the earth. Whether they are planting, harvesting, building mud forts, feeding our chickens and goats, making earth-based arts and crafts, or learning to cook in our industrial kitchen, camper explore the wonders of the natural world right here in the city. Campers have fun and get dirty!

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  • Hello, 

    I'm seeking recent reviews of Camp at Urban Adamah. My daughter will be turning 4 right at the beginning of this camp, so I'm especially curious to hear from families who sent young kids there. 

    Also, my daughter has a number of food sensitivities and a restricted diet because of it. Are camp staff careful about things like this?

    Thank you in advance!

    We sent our then 4-year-old to Urban Adamah’s winter camp program, and she loved it. At that point, she had only ever been dropped off at her preschool - we were nervous about how it would go, but the counselors were great with assisting with transitions, and by the second day she was fine.  She later participated in one of their summer camp sessions.
    The leadership and counselors are generally pretty attentive to concerns, at least when compared to other camp environments.  If you reach out to the director, I’m sure she will have a call with you to go over how they can or can’t accommodate.  She is very approachable. 

  • I am looking at Camp Adamah in Berkeley for my 6-year-old son for this summer, but can't seem to find any reviews. I like the idea of him doing farm work and the Jewish elements are appealing for our family. Has anyone done this camp? Could you please share pros and cons of your experience? My son is easily engaged in outdoor "work" and play and loves being out in nature. I would love to hear what others liked or not about staff and overall camp experience. Thank you!!

    Hello, my son went to an Adamah camp last year for the first time (based on a recommendation from my friends). He was 8. He loved it! He enjoyed getting dirty, meeting the animals, learning to cook rustically and sharing what he learned with his family. I attended the Shabbat on Friday that closes each camp, and it was a delight. We are not Jewish, but the Jewish elements were appealing and not overt. My son is going to another Adamah camp this year. I show him the options, and he chooses one. I highly recommend your family participate in the Family Volunteer event (free) on 2/26 to check out the camp and get firsthand experience with it.

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My then 3.5 year old went to one week at UA summer 2018, liked it fine but I was more excited about it than he was. He went to the next winter break camp and loved it—multiple requests over a few months to go back in the summer, and occasionally sings songs (about the earth and composting) he learned there 5 months later. There were at least 2 counselors from the summer still there for winter which was lovely—he remembered them and they remembered him. He's excited to go back.