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Camp Reel Stories believes that when women and girls are better represented behind the scenes in the media, they will be better reflected on the screen. Camp Reel Stories offers women of all ages an opportunity to learn how to make films and tell their stories. We do this through a combination of workshops and camps for girls and women who want to learn how to make movies in the new digital media era. We offer media and filmmaking programs for young girls ages 12-18. 

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    My daughter, who will be 14, is considering Camp Reel Stories' "Beg Filmmaking Summer Camp for Girls" in Oakland. Anyone with insight, experience, or reviews of the program?


    My daughter has attended Camp Reel Stories for the last three summers.  I can not say enough good things about it.  The program and staff are outstanding.  She has loved it and is looking forward to attending again this summer. 

    My daughter loves Camp Reel Stories (CRS). She has attended the beginner camp two times and will be attending the advanced camp this summer. It's such a top notch program. The girls learn the nuts and bolts filmmaking: sound, lighting, editing, directing, and more. Leaders from various aspects of the industry come in and share their craft. The girls roll up their sleeves and collaborate, putting their new skills to work. One day after camp, my daughter (then 13) reflected on her day saying, "I think this is what college is like." Finally CRS has been instrumental in helping her build media literacy. So much fun to hear her analysis after we watch a movie or her take on an advertisement or tv series. I highly recommend Camp Reel Stories!

    My daughter started attending Camp Reel in 2015 during the summer.  Additionally, she has joined several other classes and activities hosted by Camp Reel.  She is learning to become a filmmaker!  It is a hands on camp where girls have to learn to work together to design concepts, discuss ideas, utilize technology and in the end, create a real film.  Each year, this is the first camp she wants to attend.  The leaders are also amazing providing instruction and helping the girls along to meet their goals.  You  can tell they pour their heart and soul into the program and the passion around raising women leaders in film is amazing!  

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