Camp Concord

Outside the Bay Area
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City of Concord
All Ages

Camp Concord is nestled high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, between the majestic shores of Lake Tahoe and the calming beauty of Fallen Leaf Lake. 
1000 Mount Tallac Trailhead Road B
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158

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  • Camp Concord - what's it like?

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    Has anybody attended Camp Concord? Would you be willing to share your experience? The last review was written in 2002. Thank you!

    We've attended family camp for three years now. There is a morning kid hour after breakfast where staff take the kids and do something fun with them while you shower and pack for the day. Then you load up into vans and they drop you off at somewhere to enjoy the day (location and activity vary by day) except the on-camp day where you do stuff like canoeing, tie dye, and archery. Then they drop you back off and they take the kids for another hour and serve happy hour food and drinks on a lovely patio. There are a bunch of other activities in there, but that's the general pattern. The food is all adequate and some of it is good. We've met a lot of friendly families and kids there that help keep my only-child entertained, and the staff are all kind and engaged. It's a classic kids summer camp but for the whole family. You can also opt-out of anything and do something in town or your own thing. All in all. A no-prep, stress-free vacation in tahoe. 

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Feb 2002

I attended Camp Concord as an 10/11/12 yr old about 20 years ago. This may be outdated, but if it's the same camp being run in South Lake Tahoe, I remember it being a fun experience and would recommend it. I attended a two one week session one summer and a two week session another summer, both time with friend(s) from school and my sister (although I never saw my sister because we were in different cabins - which was fine with me!). The site is thickly wooded dotted with small cabins. The camper to counselor ratio is about 8 or 10 to 1. I always knew I was supervised and felt safe. Cabins are solid construction of wood w/ bunks (thin mattresses), no heat or electricity. Showers, bathroom facilities are separate from cabins. Boys and girls are separated for sleeping quarters, but would socialize during group activities (arts & crafts, swimming at lake,archery, hikes, excursions) or by age group with another (boys/girls) cabin. Counselors were always present, very friendly and outdoorsey folks. Swim tests (supervised treading of water in frigid lake tahoe - those who pass get an armband). Overnight stays in a meadow under the stars. Nightly campfire songs...i still remember some of them..., skits, etc. Send him with a warm sleeping bag, jeans, sneakers, flip flops for the shower, flashlight, sweats and windbreaker. It gets cold at night.