Bay Language Academy

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Dr. E. B- Bernstein
Preschoolers, Kinder, School-Aged, Preteens, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, All Ages
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Our distinguished enrichment program has offered, for the last eight years,  a broad range of extracurricular options. Our objective is to offer our ethnically diverse and rich community language learning opportunities with a balanced theory and practice curriculum as we are as mindful of our children's social and emotional needs as their academic growth.
We use "technology-infused and old fashion-infused instructions" to engage our students in ways that they can relate to. To achieve that goal, the foreign languages are associated to the universal language of art and instruction of artistic skills (performed in several languages) as well  as some cooking sessions. We aim to provide proficiency and fluency in French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Korean, Arabic and ESL.

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