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Sewing school for kids ages 9 and up in a warm & friendly place

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And Sew We Grow is an amazing place for kids to learn how to sew or practice skills they already have.  Meliss is a very experienced sewist, has high quality equipment, and has a ton of patience and humor to make all the learning fun!  She has a wide variety of options for projects and is able to help learners with a range of skills, all at the same time.  Both of my kids have been in classes led by Meliss, and have learned a lot and been boosted up by her genuine interest in what they want to learn and what they already know.  My older child wears pants she made with Meliss in public... where people can see her.  They are gorgeous and she's happy to have made them herself. I think Meliss is a great teacher and mentor, very lucky we found her.