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July 2011

RE:  Music Instruction for 3 & 6 year olds

You can try group music classes for kids at Albany Music School (510-528-4047, info [at] (info[at]albanymusicschool[dot]com)). They teach all instruments and accept kids 3-5. Kids love it and they learn a lot. At the end of the program they have an ensemble class in which they teach kids how to play ''Twinkle, Twinkle'' as a band (piano, violin, drums, etc.)! They also have individual classes if you prefer that. Jack

March 2010

RE: Music lessons for kids 4 and 9 in Albany?

Definitely try Albany Music School (on San Pablo, just opposite El Cerrito Plaza). I have known the director for several years. She's incredibly sweet/patient with kids and she's very prepared technically. My kids simply love her: she has a wonderful way to communicate music theory and teach practice to children, while holding their attention in a fun way (so progress is fast and effortless).

They teach piano, voice, flute, violin, guitar and drums and they offer group classes for small kids (age 3-5) and private lessons for everybody else (including adults). 9825 San Pablo Ave, 2nd floor (opposite El Cerrito Plaza) El Cerrito, CA 94530 Tel. 510-528-4047 web: E-mail: info [at] (info[at]albanymusicschool[dot]com) Jack