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Authors, teachers, and musicians are teaming up to help children fall in love with writing this summer! Adventures in Writing Camp allows each camper to write, edit, and publish his/her own eBook under the guidance of professional authors.  Lessons are delivered as songs, and new writing skills are practiced through games, theater, and songwriting. The program is designed to inspire reluctant writers and delight those that already have “the bug.” Learn more by watching the video at  20 Bay Area locations, including Berkeley's Oxford Elementary July 25-Aug 5, 9am–3pm, with extended care available. See alternate dates and locations at This is a two week “day camp" program.

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My daughter, 3rd grader now, went to this 2 week writing camp last summer. I found out about it late (in June) from a postcard she was sent home with from school. I'm an over-prepared mom who usually has my daughter's summer schedule planned out by March making sure there's a balance of fun and education AND that she had friends in each camp. When I saw this flyer and looked it up and saw its potential, I did what all moms that want the best opportunity for the child would do - I rearranged her whole summer schedule to accommodate this 2 week camp. The camp "sounded" awesome online, but in the back of my mind I was afraid it would be a flop and she would have a terrible time and plus she wouldn't know anyone! I crossed my fingers, hoped for the best and sent her off when it was time. A year later now, it's almost March again and I'm almost done in selecting my daughter's summer schedule...but this year, she reminds me excitedly and loudly "Don't forget to sign me up for Adventures in Writing Camp!" I cannot say enough about this writing camp. Before camp starts, a book and cd will be sent to your child and she/he will be introduced to Mr Lemur and his friends, a story that will pull your child in and introduce them to the world of writing in the most fun and exciting way. The cd are songs all about writing and each song is very good, from the lyrics, music to the professional singers. Every child that has ever had a play date at my house knows every song by the time they leave - why? Because the songs are THAT GOOD. It's my daughter's favorite cd to play when friends are over. My shy daughter is singing and rapping about writing! It's amazing! The kids sing and dance about writing! They also do relay races and fun outdoor activities during break. During instructions, most camps use college students, but here there are professional instructors and the college students are the teacher aides! I was hoping it would be a decent writing camp, but got way more than I expected! It is an AAAWWSOME WRITING CAMP, bringing all the fun, adventure and excitement back into writing... and I am so thankful to the founders! My daughter now writes in her journal every day! She even has started a notebook where she writes stories, poems, potions and she even documents her 4 year old brother's stories for him! I am just so glad I took a chance on this camp!

Happy Berkeley mom,