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No longer in business
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  • This business appears to have closed. The website is no longer working. 
  • The Sick Child Care Program is also known as Wheezles and Sneezles

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July 2007

I just wanted parents to know that:

Wheezles and Sneezles is still running strong! We have relocated to 715 Kinkead Way, Apt 103, Albany, 94706. Parents can reach us at the main office at 549-1223 (ask for a sick child care representative) or call the center at 526-SICK.

Since our recent move, we are still waiting for our new license, and we should be ready to serve children by October 07 in the center. But parents can call the office and request in-home care if they so desire in September.

We also have a website:

Karen Fuller, Director of The Sick Child Care Program

March 2005

Our daughter came down with a cold this week, and we were saved by the nice folks at Wheezles and Sneezles in Albany. It is a quasi-government program I think...I'm not sure of their exact charter, but registration is a 20 minute ordeal with lots of forms, immunization records required. But once you get past that, the child care is excellent, and I am one who is skeptical of government-run anything. Their phone number is is 526-7425 and they are located at San Pablo Ave and Monroe. The cost is only $7/hour and they even provide snacks and lunch. We asked our daughter the next day if she wanted to go to her preschool or to Wheezles and she said ''Wheezles'' so that is a pretty good endorsement. Michael

November 2001

Does anyone know what's going on with the sick child care (Wheezles and Sneezles) that used to be in Albany village? We called them and the message said they were temporarily closed. Are there any other similar services or providers out there for a child who's too sick for school but who's already been to the doctor and/or not so sick that they need to be with a parent? Thanks. CDorf

regarding care for sick kids....i don't know it personally but have seen a place on 6th street in berkeley. i think it's called sick childrens day care it is on the freeway side of sixth pretty near dwight. jessica

I notice that the Berkeley/Albany Sick Child Care is now on 6th Street between University & Dwight on the west side of the street. I don't recall the block or address. But I have seen it as recently as last week. My family used it when our kids were younger at the University Village location & it was great. I have scoured the phonebook for the number but did not find it. Holliday

Note From Myriam: I just figured this out by stint of various phone calls. Wheezles and Sneezles is, in fact open. They are still located at 1108F San Pablo in Albany. The place at 2414 6th between Dwight and Channing is their corporate office.

Other information about Wheezles and Sneezles which addresses the original question: They take somewhat sick kids in their facility. Their cost for this is 0-5$ on a sliding scale. But most interesting was their in home care for infectious kids... 0-7$ on a sliding scale.

From: Eileen 7/99
Keeping a sick child at home, with you or a babysitter is a first choice, but there are days when it's not possible. On occasion we have used Wheezles and Sneezles located in Albany (near UC Village) - I believe it's a nonprofit but operated with funds from Alameda County. It is especially useful for those days when our kids were recovering, e.g. over the high temperature but still needing some quiet time. The staff have been caring and there are toys on hand to entertain. They are very scrupulous about cleaning and disinfecting. The days my kids went there, they were the only children! A nurse visits each day to check on kids, and there is an enforced quiet time when most kids nap. Just something for you to consider as a back-up. The phone number for Wheezles and Sneezles in Albany is 526-7425.

From: Anne (4/98)
A very good resource for sick child care is Wheezles and Sneezles located in Albany Village. I used it for the first time this January and was quite pleased. The site is small and cozy, well stocked, and the staff is really nice. My daughter (4 1/2) liked it there and did not have any trouble going there instead of her regular school. They have a nurse who comes in every day and checks the kids out, takes temperatures etc. Children can go who are mildly ill, and even with Strep Throat or conjunctivitis, provided that they are on medication--in those cases I would recommend calling and checking with the staff. My daughter did go there with Strep, but had been on meds. for a day and a half (24 hrs is the usual waiting time for antibiotics to be effective).

Anyone from any area can bring their child there, and older kids can go there too, although I am not sure the age limit. The hours are 8 - 5 Monday - Friday. The fee is a sliding scale from $0 - 5/hr. They also have an in-home program for $0 - 7/hr, which I think only services the Berk, Alb, Emyville area. Call them at 526-SICK (7425) to get more info and visit and get paperwork.

From: Miyoko
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 11:16:13 -0800

I wanted to let parents know about a sick childcare program called Wheezles and Sneezles that is located in the University Village in Albany. The Berkeley Sick Child Care Program has been around since 1973 and offers center based care for children who are in the recovery period of an illness (not in the contagious stage). They also offer an in-home service. I am a new member of UCB Parents Network, and this may have been posted already, but for new members it might be informative.

A friend of mine recommended it to me since my husband and I are both working now and are not as flexible as we once were to take time off and be at home with our sick kids, which is quite often with two! After having to be home at least every other week this winter battling viruses and stomach bugs, I finally took my daughter (who is 9 years old) into Wheezles and Sneezles when she was recovering from a bad cold. They have a R.N. who screens the children when they are brought in the morning. If it is your first visit, expect to spend at least a half an hour filling out forms and letting them know what is wrong with your child. They will also administer any medications your child might be taking. They serve up to 10 children a day (from infants to 12years of age) and have two staff people (that I saw, there may be more) and the nurse. They were very friendly and helpful. There are quiet activities for the kids, like coloring, drawing, puzzles and a small library where they can read. They also have a story time where they are read to, and small rooms where the children can lie down and rest. They also have a scheduled nap time.

My daughter was agreeable to all this, and after reassuring her she could call me anytime and I would pick her up, I left at least feeling she was in capable hands. When we picked her up at the end of the day, she was quite happy with the experience and said she'd be willing to go back there again.

If you know you are going to bring your child in, you can call ahead the night before and let them know, or you can bring them in after 8:00am (it's good to call ahead either way to see if they have available space). They also provide in-home care.

Here is the info:

Wheezles and Sneezles
1108 F San Pable Ave
Albany, CA 94706
(510) 526-SICK

Their fees are extremely reasonable, 0 - $5.00 per hour, (sliding scale) for the center, and 0 - $7.00 per hour (sliding scale) for in-home care.

They also have an office where you can pick up a brochure or get more information (but they do not take care of the kids there):

612 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 549-1223

I should mention that without prior knowledge of the location of the University Village, it could be difficult to find!

The University Village is located on San Pablo Avenue in Albany, right between Gilman and Marin Avenues. The entrance to the University Village is the first signal light past Gilman (heading towards El Cerrito) on the left. As you turn into the University Village, Wheezles and Sneezles is located in the first building to the right. It's deceiving because they are in an apartment building with no noticeable sign. Wheezles and Sneezles is on the ground floor, the last door to the left. As you near the door you will see the sign, and there are some kids pictures in the window. It doesn't look like much on the outside, but once you go in you will be greeted by a friendly staff person and taken care of!