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Re: Any ideas for back-up childcare when my mom can't do it? (May 2006)
We have used Bay Area Second Mom for years. They are based in Palo Alto but serve the East Bay as well. You can find them at and find a phone number, information, etc. For an annual fee (not too cheap), they will find you a last minute nanny (day or evening) to care for your children at a rate determined by the number of kids and their ages. We have used them when either my regular nanny was sick or needed a day off, or when my kids were too sick for the nanny share but not so sick they needed mom. I've also used one once for an evening out when my regular sitters couldn't make it.

Each time, they have found someone for the next day or even for the same day, and the person they sent has been wonderful. It is difficult to think about leaving your child with a complete stranger, but in each case the person has been stellar and sometimes they can send someone who has watched your kids before.

The service isn't cheap, but it's been a lifesaver! sabrina

August 2000

We have used Bay Area 2nd Moms. They are expensive, $15/hour, but the nannies have all been good. They have always come through in a pinch for me when I call the night before or even that morning. If you call for same day service, there's an extra charge but I don't remember what it is. You need to register ahead of time and pay a registration fee as well. They have an office in Emeryville, 510-595-1535. Linda