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Where to recycle cans for deposit

Sept 2012

I'd like to do can recycling with my 4.5-year-old son as an introductions to chores. I thought this would be good because the reward (deposit) is very explicitly tied to the task.

I was hoping to find something for cans/bottles-only at a grocery store or market that is less intense than a full-on recycling center. I heard there might be something like that at the Broadway Plaza on Pleasant Valley Rd in Oakland but couldn't find information about that on the net.

I found a recycling center in Oakland near Emeryville where we can take cans, but this was an intense experience and tough to manage. I have to bring along my toddler and infant so I'm not equipped to help my oldest drag bins, sort, and weigh. There was broken glass on the floor which is worrying with the toddler.

I called Waste Management but they do not provide a deposit for the cans and bottles they recycle. They did not have any specific recommendations for redeeming the deposit. I'm annoyed this has not been easy to find. It's easy enough to pay the deposit whenever you buy a can or a bottle.

Thanks, Sarah

Are you a Costco member? Costco takes cans and bottles and gives you cash right then and there. That would be perfect for your child! recycler

Recycling for Cash in Lamorinda

May 2010

Can anyone recommend a recycling center near the Lamorinda area where we can recycle our plastic bottles, aluminimum cans and glass containers for cash? Our local recycling stations in Moraga and Lafayette closed down and I haven't been able to find somewhere to take our recyclables for cash. Our kids use the funds from recycling for their spending money, so we'd like to try and find somewhere that actually pays for the materials, rather than just putting them in the recycling bin for pickup by our waste management service. We could go through the tunnel if necessary, but would prefer to stay east of the Caldecott if possible. Thank you! Enthusiastic recycler

We too were disappointed that the recycling centers closed in Moraga and Lafayette. Sort of a drag that the state takes your deposit and makes it difficult to get it back! My husband loves saving bottles and cans and turning them into cash. If it were up to me, I'd toss them in the brown can. He now goes to Pleasant Hill, which fortunately is near where he works. The address is 600 Patterson Blvd. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 Go to for more information. Married to Mr. Recycler

Go to and you can find locations in Martinez, Pleasant Hill as well as El Sobrante. Nexcycle managed those recycling centers in Lafayette and Orinda. You just have to drive farther now. There is one behind Raley's in El Sobrante on San Pablo Damn Road almost to highway 80. another recycling fan