Re-using Baby Food Jars

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Who can use my empty baby food jars?

October 2006

I'm just getting started with solid foods for my baby. I'd hate to just throw out or recycle all those jars if there's a school or group that would use them. I'm willing to make regular (monthly?) trips to drop them off in Oakland or Berkeley. Thanks! LK

The East Bay Depot for Creative ReUse takes them. Also, I have had good luck offering on Freecyle or BPN. Good for you, for trying to offer them for reuse.

I work at a school that is always in need of them for various projects. If you are interested in donating them I'd be willing to pick them up!

A great place to donate baby food jars is the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse ( I believe that artists and teachers go there a lot to get stuff like that. They also accept other things you may have laying around, like video tapes, art and hobby supplies...the list goes on. Fun place to browse, too

The Re-use Depot in Berkeley just LOVES getting these - they are in high demand. Teachers, scout leaders, and others shop at the Re-Use Depot for inexpensive supplies. R.K.

Creative use of baby food jars

Jan 2003

i am looking for suggestions on some creative things to do with used baby food jars. before i had a baby i remember always seeing cool things to do with them and now i can't remember a single one. thanks! anon

How about making snow globes with them, spice jars, planting seeds in them? We also used them for putting cranberry relish in and covering the metal lid with a cloth and bow for gifts at Thanksgiving. Vivienne

My sister made really cute baby shower favors with baby food jars. My sister washed the baby food jars and filled them with Jelly Belly jelly beans, tied some ribbon or rafia around the top and put a small tag on it that said ''From Amy's Jelly Belly to yours''. Everyone loved the idea.

Also, a friend of mine that makes beaded necklaces, screwed a row of baby food jar lids under a shelf over her workstation. For example the lids are attached to the bottom of the shelf so that when the jars are attached to the lids it looks like the jars are hanging under the shelf. Then used the jars for various beads, and supplies. That way her supplies where right over head and out of the way but easy to see and easily accessible. Good Luck Amy

If you don't get enough ideas, you can donate the left-overs to the East Bay Depot for Creative Re-Use . R.K.