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  • Hello BPN, 

    This is perhaps a little off the beaten path but I find myself planning a bachelorette for my baby sister, who is still in her first trimester. I have been so consumed with parenting little ones the past few years that I'm pretty out of the loop with anything cool or interesting these days. She isn't really much of a drinker or partier to begin with, and given the pandemic, things are just a little weirder than usual on top of that. I was wondering if anyone had any really cool, and Covid-friendly ideas (e.g., not spas or wine tasting). I was contemplating things like prenatal massage, art classes, outdoor spaces to picnic and play bride-centric games.... 

    Thanks in advance for any ideas - she is the best person and totally deserves an amazing celebration!! 

    Hi, I'm pregnant myself and these are things I have done or would love to do: definitely a prenatal massage (minimum two). This helps so much. I would love to do an artsy photoshoot, or a plaster of the belly/boobs that can be painted, maybe yoga/swim/dance classes (i do that on my own, but would be nice to receive a gift card), many many foot massages. Some friends painted their belly or someone painted it for them and than took pictures (mandalas or whatever you want). Or just a day out eating delicious little things (can't eat that much at once anyway). Have fun ;)

    One of the best bachelorette parties I've been to was at a paint-your-own-pottery studio!  Brushstrokes ( in Berkeley has a pleasant garden and takes reservations for private parties on the weekend, it looks like.

    We just went camping at this cool spot that has a ton of outdoor wellness type activities:

    I also recently did a cheese-making class in Berkeley that was COVID-safe and unique:

    And I hear great things about the ceramic parties by Mudworks:

    Hope you find something great for your group.

    The Alameda Art Lab may be your perfect solution for an art experience to celebrate your sister. Ja Ying, the owner, has great energy, is super creative and a talented artist herself. She has been holding classes—using careful Covid protocols—for several months now. 
    The location, in a historic Alameda building, has an upstairs balcony area (overlooking the art lab area) with a large table where you might be allowed to set out food and drinks.

    Congratulations to your sister!

    How about a tea party/tea tasting in a park somewhere?  Reserve a picnic spot.  I'm imagining something like this -

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Bachelorette party for women in 30s and 40s

Oct 2007

I'm throwing a bachelorette party for my oldest friend. We're all in late 30's and 40's. Looking for fun, but not strippers or a super young SF scene. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

You might find this a bit racy; but we had a ton of fun with it at my bachlorette party 4 years ago... We rented a house in Santa Cruz for the weekend. During the day on Saturday we went to a day spa and everyone got whatever services they wanted...massage, facial, etc. Then we did lots of shopping... That night, after cooking a big dinner at home...we had the equivalent of a ''Tupperware'' party, but with someone representing ''passion toys.'' It was quite tame, but HILARIOUS. When I just searched on google for ''sex toys party'' several different companies popped up...don't remember which we used, but it was really fun (and it was girls only, all over 35 at the time). Recent bride