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Balloons and hula hoops for kids' party

May 2012

We are having our twins' 6th birthday party at home in Oakland in June. My girl would like hula hoops (I'm looking for the woman who brings hoops to street fairs and farmer's markets, but I can't remember her name); my son would like balloon twisting. I'd also be interested in a juggler, especially one who can teach as well as perform. Any leads? Andrea

This might take some effort but you might find something on www.burningman.com. There is a message board and they might have a section on businesses run by burners. Or you could post a message there. Lots of burners have these talents and most like to make some extra cash! have fun!

Call Kaye Anderson of Hoop Power, for the hula hoops, and maybe a workshop...she's also the mom of twin girls, and her hooping workshops and classes are popular with all ages! http://www.hoop-power.com/ heidi