Birthday Party - Entertainer Recommendations

Hi All - 

Our son is turning 5 and we are planning an outdoor birthday in a park in Berkeley. We are looking for recommendations for a kid's entertainer (preferably a Magician) for a couple of hours. Can you please share any contact or experience you have had hiring a magician? 

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I recommend Mike DellaPenna.  He’s an elementary school teacher, a dad, AND an excellent magician.

Pre-covid, we hired Perry Yang for my kid's birthday party. He was fantastic! It was extremely easy to do business with him. He was funny and absolutely great with kids. He also does balloon art and made amazing balloon creations for kids after the magic show.

Hi, we used DreamTop for my son's 4th birthday party at the park. She did as awesome job. Made balloon animals, brought her own sound system, and did a 30 min performance. 

We've hired Mr. Shap for our daughter's birthday party when she turned 6. He's great with the kids, makes balloon animals and holds their attention for his magic tricks. His Yelp reviews are also top rated.

We've also used the Berkeley Bubble Man (aka Sterling Bubbles) for another birthday party, when she turned 7, in a park. He engaged the kids really well and it was great fun. Also highly recommended.