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    I’m due in November and looking for an outdoor pool in/near Oakland to take prenatal classes. Next best option would be open lap swim. I can’t find anything outdoors for nonmembers. Thank you!

    City of Berkeley pools have lap swim open to everyone. Berkeley residents get first dibs (I think non-Berkeley can sign up a day after Berkeley) but they increased capacity on June 15th and now they are not filling up so you should be able to get a spot. Go to - you have to make an account, but you don't have to live in Berkeley to make one. Some Oakland city pools are open as well, but I don't know the details. 

    Might be too far, but I took water aerobics a few months ago at the Albany Aquatic Center at the end of my pregnancy. The class was in the outdoor pool. They also have lap swim. In April / May it was a registration online thing, but they seem to be opening up more, so I'm not sure if early registration is still required. 

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Pre-Natal Swimming Classes

Jan 2009

I am pregnant and need to find a prenatal aquatic exercise class. Maria

The downtown Berkeley Y has a great prenatal water exercise class. water lover

August 2006

I am looking for recommendations of / pointers to any kind of prenatal swim or water exercise classes in the East Bay. I contacted the Berkeley Y about their Prenatal Water Exercise class but was told by staff I would have to purchase a Full Service Membership to attend. Berkeley Y just isn't that close to me and I wouldn't make use of all the other benefits, so this doesn't seem like an economically sensible option. Last posting I found for this onsite was from 2003, and I'm hoping that in the meantime someone has found some other classes...TIA! Leah

I took a great water aerobics when I was pregnant last summer at the Mills College pool. The class wasn't a prenatal class, but the teacher modified things for me. It was on Sundays at 9 am and also one or two weekday evenings. I think it cost around $8/ class. Laura

The YMCA downtown Berkeley has great prenatal water classes on Monday 6pm and Friday at 6:10pm - you can just show up, it's great Kristen

April 2003

Apparently the Berkeley YMCA has stopped allowing non-members to take their pre-natal swimming classes and for me to join the Y just for that class seems pretty expensive. Does anyone know of any other pools that have pre-natal swimming classes? Anywhere in the East Bay would be fine. Thanks. Amy

I take the prenatal water aerobics at the Berkeley Y and although I am a member, I never have to prove Berkeley membership. (Although I switched my membership from Oakland to Berkeley when I was about 3 months pregnant because there are no prenatal classes in Oakland.) If you are already a member of another Y, I think you could just pay $3 to get into the Berkeley Y at the times there are classes. There are no signups for the water exercise classes--you just show up--although there are signups for the prenatal yoga classes. By the way, the classes are great! 3 times a week and really relaxing and enjoyable. The teachers are good (although with different styles). I always sleep well after my classes! So, if you don't find another place to do water exercise, I recommend the Berkeley Y. Apparently they also have a good childcare program for children 8 weeks and older. Good luck!

I would double check at the YMCA, re: pre-natal classes for non- members. You may need to pay a $40 ''community membership'' fee, which usually allows you to participate in a class but not the rest of the Y's facilities. This is how it worked for the baby swim class at the downtown Berkeley Y. Marian