2018 Nanny Survey Results: Hourly Rates, Overtime, and Overnights

Hourly Pay

Respondents were asked for the total hourly rate their nanny is paid, not the per-child cost. Live-in nannies were not included in this question. Earlier in the survey we had asked parents whether they share their nanny with another family and if so, "How many children is the nanny usually caring for at once?" For parents who are not in a share, we asked them how many of their children the nanny cares for, including the nanny's own child if applicable. (View these questions here: Hours, Shares, and Number of Children.)

When the nanny was caring for four or more children, the ages of the children were likely to include a preschooler and/or a school-aged child, who presumably would be at school for part of the nanny's time. This may explain why the rate for 4 children is lower than the rate for 3. 

1. How much per hour is your nanny paid for one child?  
  • $20.45  (84 responses) (median=$20 high=$35 low=$10)
2. What is the total per hour your nanny is paid for 2 children?
  • $25.38 (167 responses) (median=$25 high=$52 low=$17)
3. What is the total per hour your nanny is paid for 3 children?  
  • $29.55  (9 responses) (median=$25 high=$50 low=$22)
4. What is the total per hour your nanny is paid for 4+ children? 
  • $25.00  (5 responses) (median=$25 high=$30 low=$20)


When asked earlier in the survey how many hours their nanny cares for their children, more than a third of respondents reported more than 40 hours a week. (See Hours, Shares, and Number of Children.) But only 24% of the parents whose nannies work more than 40 hours a week said they pay overtime.

5. If your nanny works for you more than 8 hours in a day, or more than 40 hours in a week, do you pay overtime?
My nanny has never worked for me more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week.
No, I pay her regular rate.
Yes, I pay overtime.
No, because I pay a weekly or monthly salary.


Overnight Nanny Rates

Most parents who responded have never hired a nanny to stay overnight. (Note live-in nannies weren't included in this question.)  There was a lot of variation in the responses; since we didn't ask how many children the nanny was caring for overnight, or how old they were, the higher rates may indicate younger children or more children. 

6. Have you ever paid a nanny to stay at your home with your child(ren) overnight while parents are away? 
No, but I have taken my child to the nanny's house for an overnight.
No, because nanny lives with us and overnights are included in her salary.



7. What was the total you paid the nanny for one night?
  • $223.12 per night on average (24 responses)
Median: $155
High: $500
Low: $50

Most popular rates: $150-160 (5 of these), $100-110 (4), $300-325 (4), $500 (4)