2018 Nanny Survey Results: Live-In Nannies

Only 3 respondents (of a total of 338) reported having a live-in nanny, so these results are not reliably representative of the going rates. Note parents who said they have an au pair were not included in the survey.

1. How many of your children does the live-in nanny care for?
  • one child (2 respondents) 
  • two children (1 respondent) 

2. How many hours per week, on average, does your live-in nanny provide childcare?
  • all 3 respondents said more than 40 hours per week
3. What is your nanny's weekly salary?
  • $370 (one child who is 18-24 months)
  • $700 (one child who is 6-12 months)
  • $800 (two children, both 18-24 months)
4. What accommodations do you provide for the nanny?
  • all 3 respondents answered "a private bedroom with a shared bath"