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I recently visted Yuming location for the lower school.  Where the school is located is like a traffic hub location.  Does any current parents find that as an issue when picking and dropping  off your kids?


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Hi, I have a 4th grader and 1st grader at Yu Ming and while there is the usual parent/caregiver traffic at drop off and pick up, I've generally found it to not be a problem. 

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Welcome to Yu Ming! If you are referring to YM's campus at 1086 Alcatraz Ave., you are correct: traffic is heavy during drop-off & pick-up times. In past years, the school provided detailed procedures, before the school year started, for curb-side drop-off/pick-up, including a useful map/diagram. When our daughter attended the school, parents were supposed to approach on west-bound Alcatraz, and if the back-up is more than 1/2 a block, to go around and line up on south-bound Herzog, before turning right onto Alcatraz. The procedure for when your child starts school there may change, so please follow the school's latest instructions. Please do not make U-turns within 2 blocks of campus during drop-off & pick-up times, as this is dangerous as well as aggravating to local commuters and to other YM parents.

My suggestions: (1) Leave your house 10 minutes early if you have to, and get to school early, so you do not need to rush. (2) I used to park on Herzog between 65th & 66th Streets and walk with my daughter into school every morning, instead of just dropping her off curb-side. It was one of the best things I ever did. K - 2nd grade kids still love holding their parent's hand and walking with them... that will disappear in a few short years, so enjoy it while you can. Also, it always gave me the opportunity to chat for a few minutes with school staff, other parents, or even other kids. (3) If you decide to park and walk in to school, instead of doing just a curb-side drop-off/pick-up, never, ever leave any portable electronics or valuables in the car. Numerous parents had their car windows smashed and laptops, tablets, etc. stolen. It is quite possible that they were watched, because these thefts would happen in less than 5 minutes. (4) Avoid double parking or blocking residents' driveways, even if you are in the car. One of the residents across the street on Herzog was very hostile, and would take it out on school staff, yell at the kids, and put unfriendly/unkind "decorations" on her house at different times during the year, which is not nice for our kids to see. So, try to be a good neighbor and not give her ammunition.

Our daughter now attends YM's campus for grades 3 - 8, which is at 675 41st Street. This fall, YM is supposed to open a third campus for some of the kindergarteners, and I am not sure of the location. If you were referring to the new campus, obviously I do not have first-hand experience there to tell you about.