High school after Yuming Charter school

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first time posting. I'm a mandarin speaker who has a child who I would like a good chance to send my child to Yuming by living in the district that Yuming serves. The school is a K-8 school and rated very well. My question is, what do parents do after grade 8? the high schools in the Sankofa, Peralta area are rated pretty poorly. Do you guys send the child to private school, move to another school district? 

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Yu Ming is a charter school run by the county of Alameda. You can live anywhere in the county to attend. The neighborhood middle school is probably Claremont. You have the option to apply for any of the public middle schools in Oakland if you are an Oakland resident. Moving to a different school district and private school are also options. 

The North Oakland neighborhoods near Yu Ming are zoned to Oakland Tech, which is rated comparably to Berkeley High if you are swayed by things like Great Schools ratings and is solidly regarded in general, with a long waitlist