Yu Ming San Leandro Carolyn Campus

Hello, I am applying for Yu Ming and am interested in their new San Leandro location.  I drove by the campus today and was quite surprised by what I saw - it looked like the classrooms consist of bungalows and there are 2 gas stations in very close proximity, with very minimal outdoor space.  As far as I could tell there was not an actual school building but it was hard for me to tell just by driving around.  As there are no in-person tours being offered for the school, I would like to hear from any current parents at this campus as to what the facilities are like inside the classrooms and if you are satisfied with the space.  Thank you!

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First of all, parents doesn't have a say in what campus they want.  It's up to the school to decide.  I know a lot of families live in the Oakland area got assigned to San Leandro campus.  The school itself, you are correct, what you see driving by is the entire school.  There's not much to it.   Classrooms are consist of portable units.  Inside the classroom is a typical classroom setting like regular school.  The thing that is lacking for me is the outdoor space.  Kids only get the small play structure to play during recess.  If it rains, they will just stay in their classroom.  There is no actual school building.  

Yu Ming Charter School (YM) has only a 2-year lease for the Carolyn campus (YM2) because it will outgrow that space in 2 years as it adds entering kindergarten classes each year. The Carolyn campus is only temporary. Yu Ming 1 is currently spread over two campuses: Alcatraz and MLK (on 41st Street), and both of those campuses are also temporary, subject to possible lease renewals. The MLK campus replaced the smaller Herzog campus a few years ago as YM grew. Yu Ming has been trying to secure a permanent campus or campuses, so far without success, but they continue these efforts. Despite these facility uncertainties every year, the performances of the school and its students speak for themselves.