Yu Ming Aftercare Program

Our oldest is entering kindergarten in the Fall and we're keen to learn more about the aftercare programs onsite. Specifically, how would you rate the options available? Anything we should be drawn towards or stay away from? What is the cost and is it differentiated based on how much aftercare is needed (e.g. morning vs afternoon vs both)? Thank you for any insight fellow YM parents are able to provide to this newbie!

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There is only one after-school option located on site and the director, Ms. D., is very caring, keeps the kids in line, and definitely keeps her ear to the ground - she knows what's going on with her "kids." (She's one of our favorite school administrators!) The "base" after-care is billed based on days of the week utilized and can be paid upfront per semester or billed to your credit card monthly (a little less than $400/month for M-F). Many families also opt to do one or more of the supplemental 1x/week enrichment classes (e.g., Spanish, Legos, Chinese in the Garden, Chinese dance, etc.). The cost of those enrichment classes (almost all of which are also on site) are set by the providers/teachers and in our experience runs about $360/semester. However, many families also do not do enrichment classes and that's totally ok. There is a very small cohort of students who do early care and early care is billed separately than after-school care.