Yu Ming after school options

We are currently on the Yu Ming waitlist but have heard that there's a lot of movement around the first week of school, ie: there's a chance that we get in. If we did, we'd take it. However, I know that at that point we'd be on the waitlist for afterschool care. What are other options that parents have used in lieu of the official Yu Ming afterschool care? 

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Hanwen School in Berkeley has a few Yu Ming students in their after school program


I can offer one data point: We were just informed by Hanwen's AS program (who has a shuttle from Yu Ming to their site) is full. I'm interested in what others say, since we are potentially on the hook for taking time from work and hauling our kid from Yu Ming to another AS program. 


There are some options that I am aware of. There may be more.

If your child will be assigned to Carolyn campus:

  • Call Pallen's Martial Arts in San Leandro at 510-483-6560. The new enrollment webform will be updated and available after July 22, 2024. There is room for the Yu Ming-specific aftercare program for 2024-25. They offer a pick up shuttle but need a commitment for the full school year.

If your child will be assigned to Chestnut campus: