Young adults with Asperger's Syndrome - resources?

I'm asking on behalf of my friend who lives in Asia. Their 3rd child was born in the US and went through some elementary school in the Bay Area. He was diagnosed with Aspergers here and then moved back to Asia a few years later. They are finding that there are very limited resources for individuals on the spectrum where they live so are pondering if they need to move back to California so that their son (now 19) has a better chance at job prospects and finding support/resource. He graduated high school but is not presenting going to college.

Where do I begin looking for info to send to my friend? It seems like easier to find info about young kids w/ Asperger's and resources for those families.  Thank you!

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Take a look at to start. The Department of Rehabilitation provides some resources and, if you qualify, so does the Regional Center (which provides state-supported services for some people with disabilities.