Young adult “Job Coach”, experience with ADHD

Hi, can anyone recommend a coach for a young adult who is having some difficulty transitioning from college to career?  Ideally someone who would be able to work remotely, and has experience helping young adults with ADHD.  Someone sensitive and understanding as well as highly effective, who can help with not only the practical steps but also some of the fears or anxieties. Thank you so much for any recommendations you can provide. 

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I highly recommend Laura Francis! laurafranciscm [at] I work with young adults and have referred many of my students to her in recent years. She's in Oakland and works virtually with students in and after college, helping them with everything related to the college-to-career transition; resumes, job searches, interview skills, etc. For young adults that aren't sure of their path, she uses self-assessments, reflections and lots of talking/listening to help them discover their best fit career path. She also can build in support on executive functioning and general "adulting." She's a mom herself and has worked with young people for many years, she's fabulous and sensitive and connects wonderfully with all types of people. Best of luck to you and your young adult!

I recommend Amy Cheifetz. Some years ago she helped my young adult daughter with just this and she was very skilled. She has an MSW and is super creative, flexible, and "gets it." Her number is 510-207-2995. acheifetzmsw [at]