Yard/Bamboo Maintenance


We had our yards landscaped two years ago, and now we need help with maintenance. Most of it is fine, but some plants need to be replaced or rethought and the bamboo needs to be brought under control. Can anyone recommend a gardener/landscaper that knows what to recommend for the plants that didn't work out, and more importantly how to deal with VERY tall bamboo?

Thank you!

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Dear Sami - I highly recommend Brian Whyte Design, http://www.bwdgardens.com/

bwdgardens [at] gmail.com


Bryan is an intelligent, fair businessman and trained in London re: landscaping.  He's got a great, hardworking crew. He savvy about plants/flowers and gives practical advice. I had him "wall off" bamboo - it's a big, dirty job even for a small stand. It wasn't cheap but they did it right. Bamboo is invasive and notoriously difficult to contain. The sooner the better. He also helped with minor landscaping, put in drip irrigation, moved plants around, etc. Competent and professional. Highly recommend him.

Good luck with your yard.