Writing Tutor for Dyslexic/ ADHD 5th Grader

I am seeking help for my daughter to develop her writing skills.  She already has an excellent reading tutor, and I feel like she is well-supported in that area.  However, I am at a loss as to how to help her get her brilliant thoughts out of her head and down on paper.  It is making us both miserable.  I would appreciate recommendations for a tutor that has a special education background/ experience.


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We had the same issue with my dyslexic son when he was in elementary school. Speech to text programs helped and learning to keyboard helped, but the best thing for him at that age was having me take dictation for him. In 5th grade his creative ideas and great use of language were so far ahead of his ability to get the words of on paper. After keyboarding classes and years of typing with spell check and word prediction software, he can get his ideas on paper quickly and does great in school!