Comprehensive evaluation for middle schooler

We are looking for a comprehensive evaluation of our middle-schooler after receiving a very limited ADHD diagnosis 3 years ago. I'd like to get a better understanding of specific aspects like executive functioning, other potential learning differences etc. Does anybody have recent experiences with the Wright Institute or recommendations for affordable evaluations by developmental pediatricians, neuropsychologists etc. UC Berkeley is booked until fall. 

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Although I don't have experience with the Wright Institute, you might look into California Department of Education (CDE)'s evaluation services. We had some private evals that seemed to yield different information and a school eval that was lacking. We disagreed with the school eval and requested a third party eval to be done by CDE (which is done at no charge to the school or family). The CDE team was truly phenomenal and so helpful in helping us understand it all. I'm not sure if you *need* to be referred through your school or not but worth looking into. Here's a link:

Hi!  Our child was given an extremely thorough (3 different day) evaluation of ADHD through Oakland (now UCSF-Oakland) Children's Hospital.  Call their department of psychiatry.  

I cannot imagine that the Wright Institute has the same kinds of resources as they do.  We sent sent to a special building in downtown Oakland for the evaluation, which involved several different axes of observation/testing and two evaluators.