Would love to hear about any recent experiences at HLB!

Hi BPN! We are considering enrolling our child at Hearts Leap Beginnings (youngest infant group). We would love to hear about your thoughts and recent experiences, and also their efforts to minimize covid risk. Thank you!

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Hi there! Our son started at HLB a few months after they first opened (March 2018), when he was around 10 months old. He was in both Willow (the infant rooms) and Aspen (toddler room). He's now 3 years old and at Hearts Leap main (the preschool, which is in the same building). Our experiences have been excellent across the board, at both Beginnings and now preschool. He just started back at the preschool a couple of weeks ago, in small group care.

I can't speak to HLB specifically in terms of COVID practices, but HLB is a part of HL, so hopefully this is helpful. On the preschool side, children are in small groups, with the same teachers every day, and there's no mixing of either children or teachers. There are daily temperature checks, teachers wear masks, children are encouraged to wear masks if they'll keep them on, that sort of thing. The teachers are required to change clothes when they arrive every day, and they're following strict cleaning guidelines. There are various other regulations/practices in place as well. They have a document detailing the safety guidelines they've been following; you could probably make a request to review a copy of it. I'm guessing many of the practices will be the same at HLB, though I'm assuming that infants/toddlers aren't wearing masks if they're under 2 years old. 

As an organization, they've also been very communicative and candid with the parents during the pandemic, which we've appreciated. In comparison, we have friends with children at other preschools/daycares where communication has been sub-optimal.

I hope this helps, happy to answer any other questions.